Why Choose Fiberlink?

We, Fiberlink, enable digital transformation for businesses of all sizes - small to mid and large enterprises. We understand what our clients need well and never ever step back in supporting clients whenever they need us.

We understand, in today’s technology world, there are hundreds and thousands of firms that boast of what they can do in order to transform business digitally but we narrate a different story. We do not say we are the best. Rather, we stress on making our clients the best in their sphere of business. And in the success of our client’s business, lies our success. That is our secret to growth in our business.


We provide bespoke development services for web, desktop, and mobile applications as well as popular content management platforms such as Wordpress, Umbraco, and others. We specialize in PHP, .NET, IOS, and many other languages. Other services include:

  • Project code reviews

  • Multi-platform universal solutions

  • Database provisioning and maintenance

  • Cloud migration


Our design team has the ability to work with many different aspects of a projects graphical requirements, some of the areas we cover are:

  • Graphic design for web projects

  • Company branding and logo development

  • Social Media and internet presence

  • Search Engine Optimisation


Business networking and infrastructure is key in today's connected world, we have the means to:

  • Build and provision physical networks

  • Architect and design networking solutions

  • Perform Security Profiling and auditing

  • Troubleshoot and fix network problems


Our consultancy services cover many aspects of general I.T advice, allowing us to advise and help your business in the areas of:

  • Solution Development

  • Project specification documentation

  • Business technology direction

  • Problem solving using different aspects of I.T


Fiberlink delivers fast Internet services directly to your home or business. Currently available in CBD, Westland’s, Eastleigh, Rongai, South C & B, and much more.  


Our technology enables us to provide predictable and reliable Internet speeds to meet your surfing requirements.

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Ecobank Tower

Muindi Mbingu St,


Tel. 0798 028 759 

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